How to select gaming Laptop and what things should be remembered

What things should be keep in mind while buying gaming laptop

 how-to-select-gaming-laptop-and-what-things-should-be-remembered-mobileslatestNowadays laptop demand is increasing. All know that laptop is not only use for official purpose it is also use for gaming purpose. Nowadays laptop is buying for playing the game. The craze is increasing of gaming laptop. But people do not give attention while buying gaming laptop. If you are buying laptop only for playing the game then you should keep remember some things. Otherwise after some time your laptop is not able to playing the game. Keep remember these things while buying gaming laptop.

What are the ways to select the best gaming laptop

1- Do not buy gaming laptop for small games like World of War, candy crush etc. For these games you can buy the normal laptop.

2- Do not buy the touch screen gaming laptop. These laptops are very expensive. They drain battery very quickly.

3- If you want to keep your laptop in home then buy the laptop with 17-18 inch display. If you want to play games with gaming notebook by keeping on it your lap then buy laptop of 15 inch display. If you do too much travelling then buy laptop of 13-14 inch display.

4- Keep in mind that keyboard should be comfortable. That is why when you go for buying laptop keep attention to the keyboard.

5- Choose best graphic card. If you want to play latest then Nvidia’s 960M graphics cards are enough for you.

6- If you want to increase the performance of the laptop then you should take graphic card up to 970M.

7- If you want to play games in 4K resolution then you should take graphic card up to 980M.

8- Do not buy the laptop with less than 1920×1080 resolution. Nowadays 4K resolution laptops are more demanding.

9- When people going to buy the gaming laptop then they like to buy the SSD card. Its files transfer speed is very high. You can install more games on it.

10- Buy a laptop with Intel Core i7-6820HK processor.

Question and answer related to buy gaming laptop

Question 1- Why should not buy the gaming laptop for small games?

Answer- We should not but the gaming laptop for small games because you can play the small games with normal laptop. For this you need not to purchase the gaming laptop.

Question 2- Why should not buy the touch screen gaming laptop?

Answer- Touch screen gaming laptop drains the battery very quickly. These are also very expensive.