How to select Pen Drive and what things should be remembered

What things should be keep in mind while buying pen drive

 how-to-select-pen-drive-and-what-things-should-be-remembered-mobileslatestNowadays pen drive is very important thing. Having a pen drive is very common thing. You can save your important documents and data in the pen drive and share and transfer the files. Officially, pen drive is used for transferring the data. You can also transfer the music, images, videos and movies. But if you don’t have pen drive and you want to purchase pen drive, so keep in mind some point while buying it. Some people buy the pen drive without checking it and then they got to know that there is a problem with the pen drive. So let’s go to know how to select best pen drive.

What are the ways to select the best pen drive

1- First of all, see that how much space you want. If you have to save more files, music, video or images then you should buy pen drive with more space. Nowadays pen drive of 32GB or more than 32GB is enough. 

2- See the size before buying the pen drive. How the small is pen drive, more comfortable you will get. You can carry pen drive anywhere very easily. Buy the pen drive which can be fold. Buy that pen drive which has a cap on it.

3- Buy USB 2 or USB 3. USB 3 has more speed than USB 2. Some computers do not support USB 3 and that is why if you put USB 3 pen drive they will give you speed of USB 2 pen drive.

4- Always buy the good brand pen drive. Like SanDisk, Lexar, Sony and Tango.

5- Sometimes you think the pen drives are looking same and also they have same space so why the one pen drive is very costly and other is very cheap. So the answer of this question is that the pen drives have different transfer speed. Example- USB 3 has a speed of 100MB/sec that is why it is very costly and USB 2 has a speed of 15MB/sec that is why it is very cheap.

Question and answer related to buy pen drive

Question 1- What is the transfer speed of USB 2?

Answer- USB 2 has the transfer speed of 15MB/sec.

Question 2- What is the transfer speed of USB 3?

Answer- USB 3 has the transfer speed of 100MB/sec.

Question 3- Which pen drive is better in USB 2 or USB 3?

Answer- USB 3 is better than USB 2. But before buying the pen drive, check your budget.