How to set a data usage limit on smartphone for save money

Data usages limit on android-

Data usages limit on android mobileslatestNowadays we all need mobile data plans are becoming. In today’s age of technology such as the internet without does not have any work? Many peoples are very addicted to social sites. Smartphone is literally of no use without internet connection.

Data limit set of your android-

Packaged and put on the Internet as well as mobile data limit you have set. As more data is needed in the whole month. Data usage can go to its settings.

  • Open your internet data.
  • Go to setting option and select data usages.
  • Select mobile data traffic and select cellular data limit.
  • Then scroll orange line and set the monthly data budget.
  • Scroll black line and select the data usages warning option.

Other important ways to save mobile data-

Use 2G network mode-

  • Go to phone setting
  • Select the more option
  • Mobile network on
  • Open enable 3G option and then off.

Turn off auto update on android phone-

  • For this you go to Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Go to the settings of the application, select Auto Update
  • Now select NOT give auto update app.

Install data manager on your android-

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Select my data application and install.

Restrict Background Data-

  • Go to the setting
  • Then go to applications
  • Select the Service option

Use these simple tips and you save your Android data on the Internet can use whole month and can save your money by making use of the data set limits.