How to solve Lenovo A6000 PLUS/A6000/A7000 Overheating Problem

How to fix the overheating problem of Lenovo A6000 PLUS/A6000/A7000 phone

Everyone wants to buy the Lenovo phone after seeing the feature of the phone. Lenovo phones are look very attractive. But where there are too many good things have seen in the phone there is always a problem occur in the phone.

Too many people are disturbed with overheating problem. Overheating is not the big issue. When you use your phone from long time then heating is normal thing. This is the sign to give the rest to your phone. But if your phone is heating after 5 minutes then this is the problem of overheating. Here you got to know about how to solve the overheating problem in Lenovo phone.

What are the Ways to solve the overheating problem in Lenovo A6000 PLUS/A6000/A7000 phone

  1. First of all clear that from where the overheating problem is coming. Is it coming from the speaker area or from the back part of the phone? If it is coming from the speaker area then problem is in speaker. May be speaker is damaged. If it is coming from the back part of the phone then problem is in the phone’s battery and motherboard.  
  2. Make sure to run phone smartly. There are lots of features in your phone and you use too many features together. Like playing game, chatting, calling, messaging etc. This causes the overheating problem.
  3. Do not put your phone near to the hot area or hot things.
  4. Do not keep the phone under the sunrays.
  5. Give time to your phone for breathing. We mean if you put your phone in the bag, purse or in pocket for long time then your phone started heating. Because your phone need some air for cooling. Due to heat the overheating problem will come.
  6. Remove the animated and live wallpaper from your phone.
  7. Remove those apps which are using too much battery.
  8. Keep updating the apps on your phone
  9. Keep updating your phone’s software. May be due to old software overheating problem is coming.
  10. Do wipe cash partition for once. From doing this all the unwanted and unnecessary files will be delete.
  11. Delete the cache and cookies of apps.
  12. Uninstall the third party apps.
  13. Uninstall unnecessary apps.
  14. If overheating problem is not solving after doing all these things then give the factory reset to your phone.
  15. After factory reset if the overheating problem is not solving then there is some hardware problem in the phone. Take your phone to the service center.

Question and Answer Related to Overheating Problem in LenovoA6000 PLUS/A6000/A7000 phone

Question 1- What is the overheating problem of the Lenovo phone?

Answer- When your phone start heating after some time working on it then this is called the overheating problem of the Lenovo phone.

Question 2- Does overheating problem come when we put phone in the pocket?

Answer- Yes, the overheating comes when you put the phone in the pocket for long time.

Question 3- Why should charge the Lenovo phone by removing the back cover?

Answer- Charge the phone by removing the back cover because some back covers trap the heat from outside and phone is also heated when it is on charging. If you will charge phone with back cover, overheating problem will occur.

Question 4- What should to do for saving the Lenovo phone from overheating?

Answer- Close all the apps which are running in the background, do not put the phone on that place where temperature is high, do not use the phone while charging.