How to solve Samsung galaxy J5 charging problem charging issue

How to fix the charging problem of Samsung galaxy J5 phone

 How to solve Samsung galaxy J5 charging problem charging issue mobileslatesSamsung galaxy started the competition in the market. Samsung Company launches too many phones which demand has remains to this day.

All phones have their own specialty. But everyone knows that nobody can perfect in everything. Same as the phone are also not perfect in everything. It comes with drawback. Samsung galaxy J5 is a very good phone given by the Samsung Company. People want to buy it. But after buying and using it, charging problem occurs in the phone. Many customers come with this problem. Phone is not charging after plugging in the charger. And another problem is when they charge it, charging sign shown but phone is not charging. Some ways to solve the charging problem in Samsung galaxy J5 are given to you. You can solve the problem of charging in Samsung galaxy J5 by following these ways.

What are the Ways to Solve the Charging Problem of Samsung Galaxy J5

  1. If you connect your phone to the charger and it is not charging then may be it is possible that there is some problem in your charger or USB cable. Try to connect your phone with another charger. If it will connect to other charger then that means problem is in your charger not in your phone.
  2. Once check your port of the phone. May be there is some dirt or lint is in the port of the charger or may be the pin is bent. Fix the bent pin with the help of toothpick. And after checking the port of charger, check the both port of the USB cable.
  3. If cable is cracked or damaged then buy new one.
  4. If your charger or USB cable is perfect then check the USB port of the phone. See that is there any dirt or lint in the port. If yes then clean it.
  5. Check your phone is charging or not by putting it in the different angles. Sometimes charging problem is the issue of loose port of the phone or charger. If your phone is not connecting in one angle then check it by putting in different angle.
  6. If the port of the phone or charger is loose then unfortunately you can do nothing. You have to take your Samsung galaxy J5 phone to the expert.
  7. Check your phone’s battery once. Who knows the phone’s battery is damaged and causes the charging problem.
  8. Use original charger of your phone.
  9. If all these methods are not responding or your phone has no problems then reboot or reset your phone. This is the last option.

Questions and answers related to charging problem of the Samsung galaxy J5 mobile

Question 1- What causes the charging problem comes in the Samsung galaxy J5 phone?

Answer- Damaged battery, loose port of the phone, loose charger and damaged USB cable are the causes of charging problem in the Samsung galaxy J5 phone.

Question 2- How can we fix the defective port of the Samsung galaxy J5 phone?

Answer- If the port is defective then you can do nothing. If you are not an expert then do not try to fix the phone yourself. This is harmful for your phone.

Question 3- Phone is not charging due to dirt or lint in the port of USB cable. How to fix?

Answer- If there is dirt or lint is in your USB cable’s port then cleans it with puff or toothpick and cotton with soft hands.

Question 4- Is the charging problem comes due to not update the software in Samsung galaxy J5?

Answer- Yes, sometimes charging problem is come due to not updating the new software in Samsung galaxy J5.