How to Solve WiFi Not Working on Laptop Window 10 Best 6 Easy Ways-

How to Fix WiFi Not working on laptop Problem –

How to Solve WiFi Not Working on Laptop Window 10 Best 6 Easy Ways-WiFi not working on laptop solution- Nowadays laptops have been used everywhere, almost all laptops use the Internet. Mostly people run internet by wifi connectivity. But sometimes we can see wifi not internet access problem in the Laptops. Laptop wifi not working solution is not be difficult problem when this is haven’t part of software. We are helping you about solve wifi not working on laptop by this article. It you are worried about wifi connectivity problem in your laptop, so this article can help you for wifi not working solution.

WiFi Not Connect with Laptop Best 6 Easy Solution Tips –

If your wifi connection is not working on laptop or it having WiFi troubleshoot problem. So you can try some best tips for this, here are mentioned some best solution for wifi not working on laptop. If the problem is normal, then this method will be resolved your wifi connectivity problem easily. Wifi not working on laptop Easy solution tips-

Tips1:- Reboot Wi-Fi Router

Sometime the laptop internet server has failed by load more into the websites. Because of wifi network slows down and wifi connection is also disconnected again and again. In this way you can reboot your wifi router. For reboot the wifi router, you have to Unplug your router, after waiting a few seconds Re-Plug router again. Now switch on your router, the router will reboot.

Tips2:- Change Router’s Position

When Router not working on laptop, try change the position of your connection router. Always keep the router’s antenna vertically and put the router in a higher position as far as possible because the signal could spread around.

Tips3:- Reset your Router

If your wifi router has power on a very long time, after that your router giving weak signal, then you can reset router once. For the reset router, long press the reset button the reset button is the behind of the router. After this you have to re-enter the network name and password to connect your router to the device.

Tips4:- Check Wi-Fi Cable

If your WiFi not working on laptop so check your Wi-Fi cable. Wi-Fi signal is not available in laptops when Wi-Fi cable is damaged. First of all, the cable connection should be checked and it may have been cut somewhere and repair it carefully.

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Tips5:- Clean Laptop Virus

The main reason for the wifi no internet access problem can be a virus or malware in your laptop. This virus comes into your system during Internet Surfing without any information. This type for virus is very dangerous for you PC. After this, a weak Internet signal, Internet disconnects problem starts in your laptop. For this solution, first clean your laptop with any best antivirus software. 

Tips6:- Update Your Laptop Windows

If you see wifi not working on laptop, so the problem can also be in your laptop window. For update laptop windows, You can get help from a professional.