How to speed up slow laptop- How to make your laptop faster

How to Make Your Laptop Faster

How to Make Your Laptop Faster mobileslatestOne of the most popular laptop questions people have about their laptop is “Why is it running slowly? “Slow speed of laptop is a reason of frustration.

Many reasons of slow speed to Laptop

  • Too many programs are running at the same time Too many program are running at the same time is the main reason of slow speed to laptop. It is common for users to download utilities, applications, and other programs that run in the background.
  • Not enough free RAM Random-access memory (RAM) is what your laptop uses for temporary working and thinking space.
  • Virus on your laptop system You have virus on your laptop is the symptoms of laptop slowdown.
  • Low space of hard drive if your hard drive is no more space it is the reason of laptop slow speed.
  • Overheating Processor when your processor is overheating that is one of the most important reasons of laptop speed slow.
  • Oldest Laptop if your laptop or pc model is too oldest you gets slow speed of your laptop.

Make your Laptop speed faster-

  1. Cleanup your disk- cleanup you disk properly
  2. Restart your laptop
  3. Keep your recycle bin clear.
  4. Install anti-virus on your pc or laptop.
  5. Check your laptop RAM.
  6. Check your hard drive space.
  7. Start disk defragment.
  8. Upgrade best quality video card on your laptop.
  9. Do disable visual effects.

If your laptop is slow speed and you make your laptop speed faster try these tips and make your laptop faster.