How to speed up Wi-Fi signal in smartphones

How to boost Wi-Fi signal in Mobile

How to boost Wi-Fi signal mobileslatestWi-Fi problems can occur anywhere, there are some spots where Wi-Fi seems disappear. Wi-Fi Range Extenders also called Wi-Fi Boosters. Wi-Fi Range Extenders boost the existing Wi-Fi in your home by receiving the wireless signals from your router.

Wi-Fi network connection depends in signal strength. It is an important factor to speed your wireless connection. Poor Wi-Fi network signal strength result was slow speed of internet connection.

Ways to boost Wi-Fi signal in smartphones

  • Change your Wi-Fi frequency band– Most devices run on the 5 GHz frequency band or 2.4 GHz band. Change your frequency band. Go to setting, select Wi-Fi, select advanced, then select Wi-Fi frequency band and tap auto.
    Avoid poor connection– While scanning available networks then avoid poor signal, this will save you a lot in terms of power. Go to setting, select Wi-Fi, select menu button, select advanced and select avoid poor connections.
  • Update radio or firmware– Manually update the radio on your Android phone. Go to setting, select about then select software updates.
  • Check signal- Many phone make your Wi-Fi signal worse. So, check if your phone case is blocking signal. To see if your case is affecting your Wi-Fi signal, do a speed test by installing the speed test app.
  • Check which Wi-Fi access point is best- Using Wi-Fi analyzer app you can check your Wi-Fi access point. Wi-Fi analyzer provides the best channel to use for your particular network and it allow you to optimize the network.