How to speed up Wifi signal in computer and laptop

How to fix Wifi signal problem

How to fix Wifi signal problem mobileslatestWireless networking systems are easy to set up but it is not easy to manage. Internet routers are the gateway between an internet service provider and all of our devices, wired connect to the router it give highest speed but once routed off over to wireless devices,

the speed is become low. One of the major problems on the wireless internet is a weak Wi-Fi signal, which prevents a good data transmission speed, causing connectivity problems. There are many tips to speed up the wifi signal network.

Ways to boost Wi-Fi signal in computer and laptop

  • Put your router in perfect spot– Always put router in perfect spot it will greatly improve the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Place router in higher place– Higher is better place for Wi-Fi signal. You can get more coverage in higher place.
  • Replace Antennas- You can improve the signal by replacing smaller antennas with bigger antennas or with generic antennas.
  • Use Extenders or repeaters– Extender picks up the signal and rebroadcasts it. So, use extenders or repeaters into a wall socket as far from the router, you will receive a good signal
  • Use Home Plug– It carries network data over electric wiring. Just plug it in and it works and your signal will be speed up.
  • Put your router in central location– Placing a router in a cabinet it get low signal. So, don’t hide your router and find a central location and put your router on a table.
  • Stay away from metal object– Metal object absorbs signal strength. Place your router away from household appliances and set it to a different wireless channel and frequency.