How to take screenshot on Asus Zenfone/Zenfone max/Zenfone Selfie

How to take screenshot on Asus smartphone

how-to-take-screenshot-on-asus-zenfone-zenfone-max-zenfone-selfie-mobileslatestScreenshot is a snapshot which saves the photo of phone’s screen. Asus phones are very good. The battery life of the phone is amazing.

Photos will also come very good with Asus phone. But when it comes to take screenshot with Asus phone then there are different methods for it.


Mostly it happens that we search a page and after some time it disappear and we can’t find. So you can save page by taking screenshot of that page. Here you will know how to take Screenshot on Asus smartphone. So let’s go to know how to take screenshot on Asus phone.

What are the ways to take screenshot on Asus smartphone

1- The one way for taking screenshot in Asus phone is that press the power button and volume down button for 1 sec together. You will get your screenshot.

2- If you don’t want to use buttons for taking screenshot then you can take screenshot by adding the option in navigation bar. For this-

3- First of all slide the navigation bar and select the edit option.

4- Uncheck those options which you don’t want in quick option and check those which you want to add in quick option.

5- Check the screenshot option.

6- Now navigate the option on that place in which you want to navigate.

7- When you want to take screenshot, slide the navigation and touch the screenshot option.

8- You will get your screenshot.