How to Transfer cell Phone Contacts to laptop-Contact Transfer

How to Import-Export Android Contacts to Laptop

How to Import-Export Android Contacts to Laptop mobileslatestIf you lose your phone you also lose your friends. You don’t want to get the contact lost, there are many other scenarios of contact losing, for example, you

accidentally delete contacts from phone, format the phone that erase all the data, virus infections causes the data loss problem, etc.  If you want to transfer contacts in your laptop then just follow the few steps.

Steps to transfer contacts

Connect mobile to laptop- plug your mobile to laptop via USB cable. Once the device is recognized by the software, tap yes on your mobile phone screen to turn on USB.

Export contact list- click all your contacts on the right panel you will see a list of your call records. Select the icon and select export. You will may be choose vCard files to save your contacts after deciding which information to import/export.