How to Transfer Mobile Internet Data From Airtel to Airtel

How to Share Data Pack from Airtel to Airtel

How to Share Data Pack from Airtel to Airtel mobileslatestWe all know that airtel services are too good because airtel always comes with the new plan. This is not a big deal that you can share internet data with someone.

But you can transfer or share your internet data with the same network. This is not possible to share internet data with other network. You can share internet airtel data pack by airtel family share in airtel.  Like 2G, 3G, 4G.  Ways to share airtel are as follows.

Step 1. Go to the official website of airtel.

Step 2. Add your mobile number.

Step 3. You will find the OTP on your mobile phone.

Step 4. Now type the OTP password and submit it.

Step 5. Now type that number from which you want to share internet.

Step 6. Make the group of four members.

Step 7. Your data will be transferred.

How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel By USSD Code

There are some MB codes to share internet data in Airtel.          

For 10 Mb code- 11

For 25 Mb code- 9

For 60 Mb code- 4

Step 1. Dial *141*712*Mb code*mobile number# from your phone.

Step 2. In the place of Mb code put the code of that Mb which you want to share and in the place of mobile number put that mobile number in which you want to share data.

That is how you can transfer internet from Airtel to Airtel.