How to turn on battery saver mode on android phone manually

How to configure android battery saver mode-

How to on battery saver mode mobileslatestSmartphone batteries don’t last forever and some devices almost embarrassing screen on time such screen drain your battery. Battery life is a concern for almost all smartphone users.

Nobody wants to see a dead phone when you want to make a call or check some important messages. When your battery gets low, to help save power until you can plug in your phone, turn on battery saver mode. You can also set battery saver to turn on automatically when your battery gets low. A device battery life will likely improve somewhat as various power consuming apps. Background apps are active even when device is not in use. Battery saver mode is most useful during low battery conditions. 

How to turn on battery saver mode-

  • Open your device’s Settings app.
  • Select Battery.
  • Select More.
  • Select Battery saver and turn on.

How to set the battery level-

  • To turn on battery saver at any time, tap the On/Off switch.
  • To have battery saver turn on whenever your battery gets low, tap Turn on automatically, and select at 15% battery or 5% if you want.

Once this is set, the Android phone battery saver will start automatically in your device when the battery level is reaching 15% or 5%. It is not necessary to turn the switch on. The Off/On switch is for you to instantly turn on/off battery saver.

When battery saver is on-

When battery saver is on the top and bottom of your screen turn orange and you can’t use Google maps navigation, not update email, messaging and other apps that sync, until you open them. A battery icon is shown in the left of the status icon and a notification messages telling you battery saver is on.