How to upgrade window through bootable pen drive

How to install window using pen drive

  • How to install window using pen drive mobileslatestWhenever Microsoft launched the new window, everyone wants to use new window in their laptop and computer. New window is easier than old window and new window have more features than old window have.
    So everyone wants to install new windows in their laptop and computer. We can upgrade window through disk and pen drive.
  • Sometimes our computer and laptop cd rom doesn’t work and by it we cannot install new window. Nowadays everybody use pen drive to install window because we can easily install new window through pen drive. If we can install window throw cd rom it takes lots of time to install it and if our cd drive is defective than window cannot install properly.
    So, if you want install window in your laptop or computer then use pen drive to install it. Before using pen drive for installing window, boot your pen drive than install it.

Ways to install window via USB flash drive

Step 1

Removable Disk– Put your pen drive into your computer or laptop and make sure that your pen drive have at least 4 GB.

Step 2

Install the Window- Install the window 10 media creation tool. You can install this tool from

Step 3

Media Creation Tool– Go to media creation tool and select Create installation media for another PC and select next button.

Step 4

Select Media– From media select USB flash drive and select next button.

Step 5

Install Window 10– Wait for the installing the process to complete then select Finish button.

Step 6

Upgrade PC– Select Upgrade this PC now and select next button.

Step 7

Select Pen Drive– Select pen drive and select Open folder to view files File Explorer.

Step 8

Boot Laptop or computer– Select boot menu then select removable device and change boot order and press any key. Your computer or laptop will be booted.

Step 9

Select Language and Input Device- Select language and setting then select next button.

Step 10

Select Install now Option– Then select Install now option to begin installation.

Step 11

Product Key- Skip the product key window if installing a computer that already upgraded.

Step 12

Select Custom Select Custom Install windows only advanced.

Step 13

Install Window– Select the hard drive partition that you want to install Window.

Step 14

Privacy Option- Fill all the privacy option and select next button.

Step 15

Use Window 10– Now your new window will be appearing and you can use it.