How to use 3D touch on your android smartphone with easy ways

3D touch on android

How to use 3D Touch on mobile mobileslatestIf you are use 3D touch on your android smartphone. You can try these easy and simple tips to help use 3D touch on android phone. 3D touch was invented by apple and was first launched in The Apple i6s Series.

Easy way to use 3D touch on smartphone-

  • Open the Exposed Installer app.
  • Now go to the install button.
  • And Search for Force Touch Detector.
  • Select the install button now go to Modules.
  • Check force touch Detector.
  • Now reboot your Android smartphone.
  • After the reboot, select the force touches Detector.
  • And Enable Force Touch.
  • Then master switch on.
  • Now Open Threshold.
  • You can use 3D touch on your android.

If you can use to 3D touch on your android device try this simple ways to help 3D touch on your phone