IMEI Number in My Android Phone-Procedure to Get IMEI Number

How to Find mobile IMEI NUMBER mobileslatestIMEI number is that number which is given to the every mobile phone. IMEI number is very useful when we lost our phone or when it gets theft by others

At that time we would like to go to the police usually asked for the IMEI number of the number. You will get your mobile by these ways.

How to know IMEI number for all phones

By USSD code (*#06#)

  1. It’s the easiest way to get the IMEI number because it works in every phone, whether it be Android or feature phone.
  2. Type *#06# into your phone’s dialing keypad. You also don’t need to press any button and you IMEI number will appear in your screen.

How to check IMEI number on Android phone

By Setting Option

  1. First go to your phone’s Settings option.
  2. Select the more option.
  3. Then select on the About device option.
  4. Then select the Status option.
  5. Here you got your IMEI number.

By Google Dashboard

  1. First sign in to the Google dashboard with the account which was connected to your Android phone.
  2. Then select on the android option and you will get your IMEI number.
  3. Here you will get all the IMEI number of the entire android phone which is related with Google dashboard.

How can i get the IMEI number if my phone is switched off?

You can do all these things when your phone is switched on. If you ever get to know your IMEI number when your phone is switched off you have another method to check the IMEI number behind the phone’s battery.

By adopting these four ways you can get your phone’s IMEI number.