Internet Speed How to Increase in Mobile 3G 4G Sim

Easy Solutions For Slow Internet on Mobile – Step by Step

How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed 3G 4G The number of 4G users in mobile internet is increasing rapidly these days and still, there are many users who run 3G network, especially in a rural area where the 4G internet speed slow or network is not yet reached.

Since the movement of ‘Digital India’ has started, more and more office portals and websites coming into existence to encourage this, to start a paperless and cashless India. Now the internet has become a necessity as most of our work is done on the internet, from applying for any service to banking or any official work are now have been ported online, where you can apply, search status or cancel. Many people spent their time on the social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, or checking emails on mobile, etc. Now what else does a person need when everything is going on the Internet, ‘SPEED’, Yes, High-Speed Internet to run all these applications to run smoothly and faster.

In this regards, 3G network evolved after 2G to provide better speed. So far, people were still digesting the 3G speed that the 4G internet made them amazed, and now people are eagerly waiting for the 5G network which will have far better speed than 3G or 4G. (Mobile Network Problem Solutions)

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Today many telecom companies are offering many internet offers to their customers. But sometimes we cannot get these offers correctly as we face slow internet speed even if you are using the 3G or 4G network. This problem could be of any reason, we will understand these problems through our articles and will also mention their Mobile Internet Speed ​​Solution in easy ways, as well as here we will show you some helpful tips that will help you increase the speed of the internet. (Mobile Repairing tips And Solutions)

How to increase the internet speed on Smartphone – Mobile Care Solutions And Tips

First of all we need to take few precautions to increase the mobile’s internet speed are as follows:

  1. Always use good Web Browser: Using a good web Browser helps you to render your search faster and also saves data. Therefore if possible use lite version web browser.
  2. Load Text only Setting: Put your browser to load text only webpage setting, if not necessary. Because browsers take time to load images this will decrease the speed of loading a webpage. And by disabling the images to upload you can reduce the time taken by web browser to display the webpage.
  3. Clear Cache: Empyting the cache content could be a good option in the aspect of increasing internet speed. So you can just follow the steps

1 Go to the ‘Settings’ of your smartphone.

2 Select ‘Applications’ option

3 Then Select the application and Tap on the “Clear Cache” option.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Apps: Removing or uninstalling the unnecessary apps may lead to increase your internet speed. Because it takes RAM and Storage Space both, which can cause the slow processing by your mobile and you may feel slow internet.
  2. Check your Mobile Network: Most of the time what happens that the area where you are in, is a low network strength area or network fluctuation seen frequently. This will also make internet speed slow and it could be due to of two reasons: ‘Network’ or ‘Hardware’ Problem.

So for the Network Problem talk to your Network provider and,

If the problem is with Hardware “Network Section” then you may need to seek a professional Mobile Repair Technician’s help.

  1. No 4G internet area: This is also have been seen that many user complaint about this slow internet speed, and they have tested their smartphone mobile to other place or even by switching network provider. At all other place it works fine but in your area if you put it to the LTE or VOLTE mode, your seems problem, and if you switch your network mode to GSM or WCDMA mode it works fine. This shows that your area is not a 4G network area. So talk to your network provider regarding this problem.
  2. Put your Smartphone in ‘Airplane’ Mode: Sometimes putting your mobile in Airplane mode for min. 30 seconds may help you out, if not then restart your mobile.
  3. Restart Your Mobile: Sometimes a simple restart may help, because it refresh the mobile processor and RAM, so observe the network speed after a restart, you will definetly observe the increase in internet speed.

All these above mentioned tips are helpful in speeding up mobile’s internet 3G, 4G speed to a great extent. If you are also facing the same slow internet problem then follow these tips and observe the difference. I hope you like this article.

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Question 1. What is LTE and VoLTE?

Answer: LTE is stands for Long Term Evolution. It means ‘4G’ and comes with high speed internet connection which supports CAT 4.

VoLTE is stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution. It means HD voice, it uses device data for better call quality, which is much better and clear than normal call.

Question 2. What is 2G?

Answer: 2G is also known as GSM, is a digital mobile technology that provides voice call service and data services with downloading speed upto 384 Kbps.

Question 3. What is 3G?

Answer:  3G is stands for the 3rd generation of mobile connection technology. It is also known as WCDMA, which is an upgraded mobile technology version of 2G. It can provide better voice quality than 2G and very high download data speeds.

Question 4. What is uploading speed?

Answer: It determines how fast you can send data from one end to another. It is necessary for sending big files through email or online video calling.

Question 5. What is downloading speed?

Answer: It determines that how fast you can download the data like big files, image or videos, etc. It is also necessary for high speed internet.

Question 6. Can I know what average speed I am getting?

Answer: Yes, go to the ‘TRAIMySpeed’ website, which is a government’s online portal. Or download TRAI Mobile app and test your network speed.

Question 7. I have a 3G smartphone, can I still get 4G?

Answer: No you need a 4G 1800 MHz compatible device to access 4G network and ideally 4G on 700 MHz.