Laptop Keyboard buttons not working properly how to fix easily

Buttons of Laptop’s Keyboard are not working properly how to fix

Buttons of Laptop’s Keyboard are not working properly how to fix mobileslatestSometime when we work on laptop, keyboard of laptop is not working. Some buttons are working or some buttons are not. This is very major problem. Keyboard is very important part of the computer or laptop.

There are many reasons for not working keyboard buttons. Example- something stuck in the keyboard, poor drivers, USB cable not working properly, poor cable, poor connection or defective keyboard. These are the problems of not working laptop’s keyboard buttons. Let’s know how to fix the problem of the keyboard. 

What are the ways to fix the laptop’s keyboard buttons?

  1. Tap on the back of the laptop- If laptop’s keyboard is not working the clear it once. Take your laptop on 45°-75° angle and shake it properly or tap in the back of the laptop. When you eat some snacks or chips while working on the laptop then some crumbs of the chips and snacks has been stuck under the keyboard.
  2. Clean the buttons of keyboard- Sometime there is lot of dust in the keyboard which causes keyboard buttons are not working. Put some alcohol or soap water in a cloth and squeeze it properly and then clean the keyboard’s button.
    Remember don’t clean the keyboard with wet cloth. Firstly squeeze it properly then clean the keyboard.
  3. Reboot your laptop- Reboot your laptop at once. If you can’t use the touchpad or mouse for rebooting then turn off the PC by holding power button for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Check the drivers- if keyboard is not working properly then check the drivers of the keyboard. Go to the device manager. If you don’t see the keyboard icon or a yellow exclamation point then install the laptop’s page maker.
    And then install new driver. You should try an USB keyboard for this. If you can see the icon of keyboard then find the correct file and fix it from there.
  5. Connect USB keyboard- If your keyboard is not working then try an USB keyboard for checking the problem.
  6. Check the connection- some connections are not fitted properly from the motherboard. So check it that how to fix from going to laptop’s manufacturer site. Diagram will help you to fix your keyboard’s problem.
  7. Check another keyboard- Maybe your laptop is defective. Go to the expert and give it to them for fixing the problem.  

That is how you can fix your laptop’s keyboard.