Mobile Mic Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018

How To Solve Mobile Mic Problem At Home – Easy Step by Step Process 2018

Mobile Mic Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018Mobile Mic Problem: Due to this problem your voice is not audible at the other side to which you are talking to or maybe heard very low. Microphone or Mic in a mobile cell phone is an electronic component or part that helps to transmit sound during a phone call. It is also called Microphone and controlled by Audio IC or Power IC (UEM). Here are the simple tips to check and resolve the mobile touch screen problem:

Easy Steps To Solve Mobile Mic problem:

1 Check the mic hole if it is clear or closed by the dirt, if dirty clean it carefully with a sharp pin.

2 If you are using mobile cover, check if it is blocking the mic hole, remove it.

3 Check the network, sometimes it is caused due to a network problem, but it is temporary.

4 If everything seems fine or taking all steps as mentioned above didn’t helped you, take professionals help.

5 You can use recording application to check your mobile’s microphone, open it and record a small audio clip and play.

6 Plug in the earphone and now test the sound. If it is working fine then mic is faulty and need to be repaired. Take professional’s help.

All these steps are very simple to test and apply, and provided to you to check your mobile first before approaching to mobile repair technician. I hope you like reading this article and find it beneficial and resolve your mobile mic problem.


Question 1. My voice is not audible to the other side while calling, how can I fix it?

Answer: This could be arise due to the faulty microphone or dirt in the mic hole. Check the mic hole if it is clear or not, if not, then clean it with a sharp pin. For the faulty microphone you need to replace it. Take professional’s help.

Question 2. When I make a call my voice sounds very low to the other side, what should I do?

Answer: Check the mic hole is clear or not, if you use mobile cover then make sure that this cover is not blocking the mic hole. If it is then check after removing the cover.

Question 3. How can I check my mobile mic, if it ok or not?

Answer: You can use recording application and earphone to check your mobile’s microphone is working or not.

Question 4. Can I repair my mobile’s microphone at my home only?

Answer: Do repairing by yourself only if you have mobile repairing knowledge and experience.

Question 5. How can I fix mobile mic problem by myself?

Answer: You can fix your mobile mic problem by following the steps shown in this article.