Mobile Network Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018

How To Solve Mobile Network Problem At Home – Easy Step by Step Process 2018

Network Problem: Network Section in a mobile phone is the section that controls the incoming and outgoing phone calls. In a mobile cell phone the Network Section is controlled by the Network IC, PFO and the Antenna. The network section is divided into following 2 parts:

  1. RX – Receiving Section
  2. TX – Transmitting Section

The problem we usually face is no network or weak signal. So here we are giving some steps to follow which may help you out.

Easy Steps To Solve Mobile Network problem:

1 First of all, remove the SIM from the mobile for few seconds and then reinsert.

2 Check the Network Strength; it could be possible that the place where you are using the SI M is a low network area.

3 Try to restart the phone or you may just switch to Airplane mode for 30 seconds.

4 Try to switch to different SIM card.

5 Try to search network manually through Settings. If there is no network then the Antenna Switch need to be repaired. If the searched network is not saving on the phone then it may be PFO having the problem. PFO need to be repaired or change. Take professional’s help.

6 If the network gets disconnected during call then Network IC need to be repaired or changed. Take professional’s help.