Mobile Ringer Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018

How To Solve Mobile Ringer Problem At Home – Easy Step by Step Process 2018

Mobile Ringer Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018Mobile Ringer problem: Due to this problem, you are not able to hear ringtone and music. Ringer is any type of electronic component or part that rings or plays loud sound. There can be several types of faults or problems in the ringer of a mobile cell phone like ringer not working. low sound, and sound not clear or distorted. You should follow the steps given below before taking your mobile phone to the repair technician. 

Here are the simple tips to check and resolve the mobile ringer problem:

Easy Steps To Solve Mobile Ringer problem:

1 First of all, check the ringtone settings in the Profiles from the Settings Menu.

2 Check the ringer holes if they are clear or closed with the dirt, if dirty clean it carefully with some pin.

3 If you are using mobile cover, check if it is blocking the ringer holes, remove it.

4 If everything seems fine or taking all steps as mentioned above didn’t helped you, take professionals help.

5 Plug in the earphone and now test the sound. If it is working fine then your mobile’s ringer is faulty and need to be repaired. Take professional’s help.

All these steps are very simple to test and apply, and provided to you to check your mobile first before approaching to mobile repair technician. I hope you find it beneficial to resolve your mobile ringer problem and like reading this article.


Question 1. How can I resolve my mobile ringer problem?

Answer: You need to follow the entire step given in this article to resolve your mobile ringer problem.

Question 2. What is the difference between the ringer and the speaker?

Answer: Ringer is an electronic component which plays ringtone when someone calls you and music from audio-videos files, while speaker is an electronic component which enables you to hear the voice of the caller during the phone call.

Question 3.  What to do when ringtone sounds very low?

Answer: Check the ringer holes if it is clear or not and if you use mobile cover then also check for the blocking of ringer holes due to this mobile cover. If everything seems alright then you need to replace or repair the ringer.

Question 4. How do I turn on the ringer on an Android?

Answer: Go to the Settings on your mobile, Tap Sound, Turn it on if it is off for ‘Vibrate for calls’ or ‘Vibrate on ring’ whatever depends on the manufacturer. Check the ringer volume also increase as per your requirement.

Question 5. Why my iPhone is not ringing when I get calls?

Answer: Check if you have accidentally turned on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature in the settings of your iPhone as it put your iPhone in the silence mode for all calls, alerts and notifications. If yes then turn it off.