Mobile Speaker Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018

How To Solve Mobile Speaker Problem At Home – Easy Step by Step Process 2018

Mobile Speaker Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018Mobile Speaker Problem: Due to this problem you can’t hear the voice of the other side or distorted sound to which you are talking to. This could be very much irritating because you can’t hear properly the person with whom you are talking to over phone. But there are always some steps you should take before approaching the Repair Technician. Follow the steps given below:

Here are the simple tips to check and resolve the mobile speaker problem:

Easy Steps To Solve Mobile Speaker problem:

1 First of all, check the volume settings in the Profiles from the Settings Menu.

2 Check the speaker holes if they are clear or closed with the dirt, if dirty clean it carefully with some pointed pin.

3 Please check that the tempered glass on your mobile is covering the speaker or not. If it is covering remove the tempered and then check it again.

4 Try to up and down the volume key at the time of calling.

5 Plug in the earphone and now test the sound. If it is working fine then your mobile’s speaker is faulty and need to be repaired. Take professional’s help.

All these steps are very simple to test and apply, and provided to you to check your mobile first before approaching to mobile repair technician. I hope you find it beneficial to resolve your mobile speaker problem and like reading this article.


Question 1. How to fix an Android mobile speaker problem?

Answer: Follow the above mentioned simple steps to check and resolve your mobile speaker problem.

Question 2. How to clean your phone speakers?

Answer: Mobile phones have separate little holes for speaker, ringer, and microphone which can get block by dust and etc. so you need to clean them carefully and properly to remove the blockage. Use brush or sharp pointed pin for the cleaning purpose.

Question 3. Can’t hear the voice of the caller properly how do I fix it?

Answer: You need to check if there is any block due to the dust, if yes clean it carefully and properly. If the speaker is faulty then it need to be replaced. Follow the steps mentioned above in the article.

Question 4. What to do when you get water in your phone speaker?

Answer: Turn off your mobile phone as soon as possible; let it dry in the direct sunlight. You can use vacuum to suck out the water.

Question 5. Do I need to replace for the distorted sound of mobile speaker?

Answer: If this problem has arises due to some loose connection, then just resoldering the connector pins will be enough. But if there is a fault in the speaker then it needed to be replaced.