Mobile touch hanging problem- how to fix it in android phone

mobile touch hanging problem- how to fix it in android phone mobileslatestNowadays, mobile is a very necessary gadget for everyone. Mobile phone replaces the laptop, computer and too many gadgets.

But in the sense of mobile the smartphones are very popular. There is a craze of smartphones in the new generation. But we need to use safely our smartphones or android phones. There is very common problem of hanging of screen touch phones. But no worry, there are too many solutions of it.

Causes of hanging the touch of mobile phone

  1. Keeping the phone around the water.
  2. Putting more pressure on the phone.
  3. Keeping unnecessary data in the phone.
  4. Falling of fluid in the mobile phone’s screen.
  5. Virus in the phone.

Solution for hanging of touch in phone

  • Switch off the phone for 2 minutes.
  • Do not place the phone near the water so there is moisture inside the phone.
  • Do not put the phone under the heavy material that put pressure on the screen.
  • Do not put the unnecessary data in the mobile phone.
  • Keep away the fluid from the screen touch mobile
  • Do not download the application which contains the viruses. If there is a virus enter in your phone then download antivirus software for clearing the viruses from phone.
  • Do not download the heavy applications.
  • Hold your phone with safety.