Mobile Water Damage Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018

How To Solve Mobile Water Damage Problem At Home – Easy Step by Step Process 2018

Mobile Water Damage Problem – Step By Step To Repair And Solve 2018Mobile Water Damage: This would be the worst nightmare for any person who has faced this problem which arises when the water or any liquid spills on his/her smartphone. Due to mobile water damage, any problem could appear, it could be display, touch, speaker, ringer, charging, or even worse mobile dead problem.

Because no one can determine what problem you would face if ever your mobile drop on water or water/any liquid spills on it. You can only identify by seeing the symptoms. But there are some precautions and steps you may take to protect your smartphone from water damage. Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the mobile water damage problem.

Easy Steps To Solve Mobile problems caused by Water Damage:

1 Sometimes by mistake, you drop your mobile in water or washing machine. So always take care of your mobile. First of all remove the battery, sim card and memory card immediately wipe your mobile with a dry cloth let it dry in sunlight or some warm place for at least 24 hours. If your mobile has non-removable battery then try to switch it off and let it dry. In that case, you may need to seek professional’s help.

2 On rainy seasons, you can use zipper plastic bag to put your mobile in it while walking in the rain.

3 Some people take bath their mobile in the bathroom, which is also a bad habit. This is injurious to both user and mobile because your mobile could catch moisture and harmful germs.

4 If somehow your suffers mobile water damage problem then remove the battery immediately and wipe the mobile and battery with a dry cloth, then let it dry in sunlight, you may also use a hair drier for the same. One thing you need to take care about that hair drier should not be used long duration as it may further damage your mobile by excessive heat, take short intervals and do not point drier on a single point, keep moving.

5 For the non-removable battery, try to switch off your mobile as soon as possible wipe it and let it dry in sunlight, or use a hair drier for the same.

6 But sometimes even after drying some moisture left on your mobile’s internal components. If you have a right toolkit, then try to disassemble your mobile and dry the mobile. But this is not possible for everyone and even not preferred by us. You need to take it to the professional mobile repair technician.

7 Do not use your mobile until it completely dry to prevent further damage which could be caused due to moisture.

8 There is an old trick also a little long duration process but it may help you out and cost you nothing. Put your smartphone in the airtight box filled with uncooked rice for few days. Rice will absorb the moisture present in your mobile’s internal components. Instead of rice, you may also use the silica gel packets as it also kills the moisture.

All these steps are the best and trusted and mostly recommended measures to prevent or resolve the mobile water damage problems. I hope you like reading this article and find it beneficial, Thank you.


Question 1. Can a phone be repaired after mobile water damage?

Answer: Yes, mostly all the water damaged mobile can be repaired. But the problem comes, when the mobile is too old and the part that has damaged is not available in the market.

Quesiton 2. Where I can get fixed my water damaged mobile?

Answer: You should consult a good mobile repair technician, because an inexperienced technician can make the condition of your mobile more worse than it was earlier.

Question 3. What should I do if my phone has water damage?

Answer: We have explained about this in our article read it carefully and follow the steps. This will definitely help you out.

Question 4. How long I have to keep my mobile in the rice container?

Answer: As it is a time taking process, you need to wait for atleast 2-3 days or little longer is better.

Question 5. How do I get water out of my mobile phone?

Answer: First of all switched off your mobile. Then remove the SIM, memory card and any other accessible parts, use a towel or napkin to wipe it dry. Shake it gently, to remove any water from its ports. You can use a vacuum to carefully suck out water stuck from the cracks that are harder to get at.