Problem and solution of mobile hanging-How to fix smartphone

Problem and solution of mobile hanging mobileslatestNowadays, mobile hanging problem is a big issue for the android users. Sometimes it’s really annoying and irritating. If you want to call someone and your phone hang up,

if you are going to do your office work with the help of your mobile and mobile phone doesn’t response and there are many situations where you don’t want your phone hang up. This will waste your time. Today, people can live without their favorite food but not without their mobile phone. So it is very necessary to solve the problem of mobile hanging.

What causes mobile to hang?

  1. Too many apps are running together
  2. Installation of too many application In your phone memory except external memory
  3. Keeping external memory (memory card) full
  4. Keeping internal memory (phone memory) full
  5. Not deleting the unnecessary data like videos, photos and songs.
  6. Not clearing the cookies and cache
  7. Using local quality sd cards
  8. Running heavy applications on low memory

What are the Solutions for mobile hanging?

  • Keep all the data in your memory card.
  • Uninstall the unnecessary application from your phone
  • Don’t run too many application at one time
  • Don’t run the heavy application
  • Clear the cookies, cache and log files when you use browser in your phone
  • Free up the external memory and internal memory as much as you can
  • Use smart antivirus software
  • If you are using internet then do not run another application
  • Keep your software up-to-date
  • If all these ways are not working then you can use the “Factory reset option” but this will remove your all the data like video, songs, games and images. Before using this option do not forget to take Backup of files. This is the last method to delete the unnecessary data and files from your phone.