Problem and solution of mobile heating – How you resolve it?

Mobile Heating solution MobileslatestMobile heating is the biggest problem of the android phone. Nowadays everyone uses their phone for getting every type of information.

Over using of the phone is the main reason of the mobile heating. There are many ways to resolve the problem of the mobile heating.

Causes of Mobile Heating

  1. Continuously playing game in the mobile.
  2. Keeping the phone in the high temperature.
  3. Continuously browsing internet.
  4. Use of the old battery.
  5. Using of the phone while charging.
  6. Not Using own accessories.
  7. Downloading of unnecessary application.

Solution of Mobile Heating

  • Do not play the too much game in your mobile.
  • Keep the phone in low temperature.
  • Try to browse the internet in limit.
  • Use the original accessories.
  • Do not try to use the old battery.
  • Try not to use the phone while it is on charging.
  • Do not download the unnecessary application.
  • Do not use the another accessories.
  • Use the back cover for the phone.