Single Door or Double Door Refrigerator Which One is best

Which Fridge Should we Choose Single Door or Double Door

 single-door-or-double-door-refrigerator-which-one-is-best-mobileslatestNowadays all people have fridge or refrigerator in their kitchen, but when people have no fridge then they buy refrigerator which have best quality. People cannot understand which one fridge they buy. They buy single door fridge or should go with double door. Both single door and double door fridge has best features but here are some tips which help you to choose one in both. If you are also want to buy fridge and you are confused which one buy then read the tips. It will definitely help you to choose the best. 

Single Door or Double Door Refrigerator Which is better

Capacity- Single door refrigerator has only 50- 250Liters capacity and double door has 235-495 liters capacity.

Family- Single door refrigerator is best for small family and double door refrigerator is best for large family.

Power consumption- Single door refrigerator has lower Power consumption then double door refrigerator.

Freezer size- Single door refrigerator has small size freezer then double door refrigerator.

Space- Single door refrigerator takes little area and double door takes more area.

Shelves space- Single door refrigerator has less shelves space and double door refrigerator has more shelves space.

Cleaning- In single door you need to clean the ice manually and in double door there was auto clean features.

Cooling technology- Single door cooling technology is direct cool with natural convection and double door cooling technology is frost free with electric fans.

Price- Double door refrigerator is more expensive then single door.

Question Answer Related to Single Door and Double Door Fridge

Question1- Which Refrigerator is best in all features?

Answer- Double Door Fridge has best features than Single door.

Question2- If we have low budget then which Refrigerator is best?

Answer- If you have low budget then buy single door fridge.

Question3- Which Refrigerator has automatic cleaning features?

Answer- Double door fridge has automatic cleaning features.

Question4- If we are small family then which fridge is better for us?

Answer- Single door Refrigerator is best for small family.