Smartphones Automatically Restart How to Fix restarting Smartphones

Why Android Smartphone keeps Rebooting Automatically

why-android-smartphone-keeps-rebooting-automatically-upcharnuskheNowadays all people have android smartphone or iPhone for their use. Every people use smartphone and some people smartphones have a problem of automatically restarting or automatically rebooting. People are confused why their smartphone is automatically restarting.

Here are some reasons why your smartphone is automatically rebooting and their solution. If your smartphones are having such problems then have a look on these solutions, it will help you to solve your problem.

Reasons and Solutions for Automatically Restart Smartphones

  • Bad Apps- Main reasons for automatically restarting or rebooting smartphone is bad app. Try to uninstall poor quality app.
  • Disable System App- If in your phone your system app is disable then enable system app. It is the other reason for restarting phone automatically. For enable, turn off system app go to setting then select application and swipe over the list of app that are turned off or disable and enable any app.
  • Overheating- Many devices automatically turned off because of overheating. Try to disable features you don’t need.
  • Loose battery- Some time phone battery was coming a bit loose. For this phone can automatically restart. For solve this problem purchase some mounting tape then affix a small piece to an area of the rear cover.
  • Corrupted System Software- Sometimes the smartphone system software gets corrupted. If you are using a custom Android ROM, try a different version of the ROM. You can also factory reset your phone. For factory reset go to setting then select backup and reset and then select reset device.
  • Defective Hardware- Sometimes in smartphone there are defective hardware. So, change your hardware.

Question Answer Related to Restart Smartphones Automatically

Question1- What are the reasons for automatically restart smartphones?

Answer- Deadly virus infection on the phone, application issue, wrong phone settings, android OS malfunction.

Question2- How to solve the problem of automatically rebooting smartphone?

Answer- Take out your battery for couple of minutes, turn off Wi-Fi, remove your SD card and restart the phone.