Touchpad or mouse of Laptop not working properly how to fix

Fix the touch pad of laptop

Fix the touch pad of laptop mobileslatestLaptop is the replacement of computer. It is easy to carry and use. We can also attach the mouse and keyboard in the laptop. But if we are not using the USB mouse then we can use the touch pad/track pad of the laptop.

What will happen when we see the touch pad is not working. This is the rare problem of the laptop. Everyone complaining this problem that my laptop’s touch pad is not working what can I do? So here is the solution of the problem. You can use these methods and your laptop’s touch pad will started moving.

Ways to fix the laptop

Check if you disable the touch pad accidentally- Every laptop has a built-in hotkey from which you can enable or disable the touch pad. Every laptop has the different function key (Fn) combination for enable and disable the touch pad. When you find the Fn key then hold it and then press that key which is right combination for it.

Check the mouse settingGo to the start menu and type mouse. You can find the mouse and touch pad setting. Select it. Go to the touch pad setting which is under the right side option of hardware. Check here that touch pad option is enable or not.

Re-install the touch pad driver– Install your laptop’s touch pad driver from manufacturer website. Go to the start menu. Type control panel and select it. Then go to the device manager and select the Mice and other pointing devices. Choose your device and press the right button of the mouse. And select the upgrade driver software.

Enable your laptop’s touch pad by BIOS configuration- For going to BIOS configuration just hold Shift key and then turn off the system. Hold the F2 button and then press the power button.Do not leave the F2 button until you see the BIOS screen display. You can find the BIOS configuration.Use the arrow key and find the internal pointing device or touch pad and select it from enter key and use arrow to enable and disable it.

Reboot your laptop– For rebooting shut down your laptop. Then remove the battery and re-attach it and start the laptop.

Check touch pad is securely connected- Make sure that your laptop’s touch pad is securely connected. Sometimes hard bumps or hits lose the connection of touch pad from the laptop. If it is not properly working then it is time to replace it with the new touch pad.

That is how you can fix your laptop’s touch pad easily.