What is QR code? How to use QR code on your android smartphone

What is QR code-?

What is QR Code mobileslatestQR code is an acronym for Quick Response code. QR code full form is quick response. Those little jumbled squares were originally designed to track cars through the manufacturing process. Quick response (QR) codes can be found everywhere.

Types of QR code-

There are two types of QR code.

Dynamic QR code– This type of QR code is very easily in use.

High Q R code– High QR codes have a medium link for collect the information.

Where is use QR code-?

Business card– You can use a QR code on your business card to include more than just the standard name, title, phone number, address and email etc.

Print advertisements– This code is use to print advertisements of your business.

Use to events ticket– Use a QR code on your event materials like tickets, direction and map any other information your guest may needs.

How to make your QR code on android-

  • Open the Google play store and search the bar code and select the generate option.
  • Then select the open option.
  • Go to drop down menu and select the text option.
  • Choose your bar code types if make a one bar code select the URL option.
    Write your website name on text box and select the generate option.
  • Select the save option for save the bar code.
  • Your bar code is done.
How to use QR code-

To use QR code easily you have to camera or code reader with scanner smartphone. Today’s smartphone have this type of facilities is already. If not so use Google play store and install this app easily.

All these tips are very useful to use bar code reader on your android smartphone.