What is router and modem what is the difference between them

How to do difference between a modem and a router

 what-is-router-and-modem-what-is-the-difference-between-them-mobileslatestMany people think about taking the internet connection from which they can run internet on many devices together.

But when they go to the market for taking the internet connection so they cannot do the difference between routers and modem and do not understand how to take internet connection. Because they don’t have the knowledge about difference between router and modem. Here you know about difference between router and modem. Let’s go to know the difference.

What Is Difference between Modem and Router

What is modem- Modem is the short name of two words. The two words are Modulate or demodulate. Modem has a work of modulate the analog signal which comes from telephone line and turn it to the digital signal which understand by computer device and demodulate the signal which come from computer and send it back by turning it to analog signal.

These modulate and demodulate words make the work modem. The modem gives us the internet facility. Modem joins you from phone line.

What is router- Router has a work of send the digital signal to computer or devices which come from modem because you can join modem only from router. If router is Wi-Fi then it will also give you the Wi-Fi facility.