What is the Search Engine Marketing and how does the S.E.M work

What is S.E.M (Search engine marketing)

What is SEM (Search engine marketing) mobileslatestSEM means search engine marketing. We can also say it search marketing. Search engine purchase the engine traffic. You have seen that when you search on the Google, three ads you seen on the starting.

These are the ads of Google AdWord. You can take help of this. If you give the ad on the AdWord and if someone search the topic related to your ads then your ads will show on the top on the Google. If you receive paid traffic then you cannot use the ads of AdSense for your site. SEM attracts the more traffic in less time.

How does the Search engine marketing work

If you are working the hobby website, family group website or any personal website then you don’t have a need of SEM. And if you are a blogger and using a advertising program which do not allow the paid traffic then also you don’t have need of SEM. But if you are working on the business website or you are a founder of blog and want to do online marketing and increase the business then you need SEM for this. Search engine marketing increases the online marketing or online business. In 2009 on paid advertising ads pay the $13 billion and in 2014 this is double as $26 billion and may be it is possible that now it is more than $30 billion.

Questions and answers related to SEM (search engine marketing)

Question 1- Which is the activities of SEM (search engine marketing)?

Answer- SEM has many activities-

  1. Paid search engine
  2. Paid search advertising
  3. PPC (Pay-per-call)
  4. CPM(cost-per-thousand impressions)

Question 2- For whom the SEM is not important?

Answer – Who work on the hobby website, family website or personal website and some have those advertisement program who do not allow the paid traffic they do not the need the SEM.

Question 3- For whom the SEM is important?

Answer – Who run the online marketing website or business website they need the SEM.

Question 4- Why the SEM (search engine marketing) is important?

Answer – SEM is important because it increase the traffic on website.