What is word press Easy steps to make websites in the wordpress

What is word press and how to make or create websites in the WordPress

What is word press and how to make or create websites in the WordPress mobileslatestWord press is one of the leading content management systems on market today. If one wanted his or her own websites they would hire professionals and spend lot of money in this,

but nowadays anyone can make or create their own websites. The websites owners and the editors find Word Press easy to use for editing the content on their sites. Many of people looking to create their own websites and have not any technical skills, so it’s an easy way to create own websites by word press, it is the most popular websites building platform.  

create the websites- create your own websites with word press, word press is a great program to make websites it is created by the content management system known as CMS.

How to install or set up word press for making websites

Step 1– Gets a web host- this depends on what kind of website you want to create. If you are a professional or own a small office or company these free websites will not generally get the respect of the search engines free sites will limit your design and function abilities, so get yourself a web host.

 Step 2– If you signed up in the web host then log in to your hosting account.

Step 3- Go to your control panel

Step 4– Looks for the word press icon and chooses the domain where you want to install your websites. In this if you are not known about settings then see the information about settings

Domain: Select the domain in which you want to install like for ex . http://example.com and select

Directory: If you want in word press is change with the main domain you can install in the directory. Then you can save the name which you want.

Versions: In this word press can chose by themselves.

Update settings: In this select the update to minor versions and security releases.

Automatic update backup: In this select create the backup and automatically restore the backup if the update fails.

Administrative user name: In this you can fill any user name which you want to like.

Passwords: In this you can select any password for login in word press.

Email: Fill up your email.

Website title: Give the title name to your website.

Tagline: Fill up the tagline of your website.

Two factor authentication: To select this you can also log in word press from your mobile,

Limit login attempts: Select enable, to enable this, if someone enter password three times the word press automatically block that person from the website.

Enable multi– Site: select no,

Database management system: Select automatic.

Automatic backup: Select daily, this creates a backup of your website will be every day.

Step 5– Select on install now button and you should get access to your new word press website.

Select the design theme and template– If you have successfully installed word press domain, you’ll see a very basic clean site.

Step 1– Log into your word press dashboard

Step 2– Then when you are in the dashboard you has got access to over 1500 free themes, just look on the side bar for appearance and then select themes.

Step 3– Install new theme- when you found theme you like, installing it is simple as selecting install followed by activate.

When you installed word press then in your own website you can do work according to you.