WiFi Not Working on Mobile Phone How to Fix Can’t Connect WiFi

How to Fix Mobile Wifi Not Working Problem   

WiFi Not Working on Mobile Phone How to Fix Can’t Connect WiFi

If you are worried for wifi not working problem on your mobile, so we are telling you about best ways to fix wifi not working problem. WiFi network are very important for our smartphone because we also run Hotspots and Share It in our phone, wifi signal also important for Share It and Hotspot. If your smartphone is not running the WiFi Internet, then problem also could be on network router and Mobile wifi not working Troubleshoot problem may be in your phone.  


Reasons of WiFi not running in the phone  

If your smartphone isn’t sport wifi signal, so wifi not working problem could be part of hardware and software. If this problem are part of hardware then you need any professional, it the problem is part of software then you can fit mobile wifi not working by home.  So first of all make sure that, the problem are part of hardware or software! 

Easy Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Connection in Smartphone

If wifi not working problem in your mobile phone. Here are some best solutions for how to fix wifi not working problem in mobile phone. You can solve wifi disconnect Problem, wifi not working problem by home. If you are android user so you can use these solution tips-

इससे भी पढ़े – वाईफाई मोबाइल फोन पर काम नहीं कर रहा है

Check Wi-Fi Connection –

Check wifi connection setting in your phone, if wifi connection is off so first get it on. Many times we forget to turn off Wi-Fi setting in the phone. If you have forgotten to turn on Wi-Fi by mistake then turn on it again.

Check Mobile Fitting –

If your phone covers body fitting is loos then tighten it carefully. Mobile phone loos fitting is also reason of not running wifi in the phone. The mobile PCB network antenna connected with mobile body antenna circuit. If there is space between these two circuits by loose fitting so the wifi network is stopped in your phone. For this type of problem solution is, tight your mobile body panel Screws carefully.

Re-Enter WiFi Password –

If the wifi  is not connecting to the phone, even after connecting it again and again. Re-enter password after disconnecting wifi. Then you can see your phone will be connect with wifi easily.

Check Router –

Check your wifi router If your phone is so far from the router, take the phone to the router. You can also connect your phone to another router. This will ensure that the problem is in your phone or in the router.

Reboot Phone and Router –

Whenever the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi, there is not always router problem. Problem could also in your mobile phone. If it is not connected even after trying many times, then reboot both the phone and the router.

Reset The Phone –

If wifi not working on phone by using all method. Then first of all save your mobile data and you can factory data reset in you mobile. To this method your mobile phone work as fresh mode.

Clear Cache File –

Mobile wifi not working solution is also Clear you mobile cache files. If this cache file have stored in your device then your mobile performance will be very weak. For delete mobile cache file go to Mobile Setting > Apps/Application>Install app> Clear Cache File.